RRS Classes

Default Rules

If a class rule does not explicitly allow something, then it is NOT allowed. Higher classes are allowed everything lower classes are. Judges provide source material.


  • Speakers can be replaced with same size or smaller aftermarket speakers
  • If there is no OEM tweeter location, a 1 3/16” (30mm) or less (as defined cone diameter) tweeter may be added to an A-pillar. Installation must be flush mounted or using manufacturer mounting hardware. No large flange tweeters. OEM location must be used if there is one.
  • External 12v specific processing allowed
  • Can change double din to a single din
  • Can add dampening and sound treatments not visible behind panels
  • Commercial dash mats allowed
  • Single cab trucks will allow sub enclosures under seat or against back walls
  • Extended cab and crew cab will allow under back seat or against back wall
  • Trunks may have house subwoofer enclosures or IB installation


  • Tweeters up to 1.5" (as defined by cone diameter) allowed in modified A-pillar or sail panel. Large flange tweeters allowed
  • Kick panels up to 6.5” driver
  • Any modifications under OEM locations can be made. (no grill changes)
  • Oval drivers: 5x7 can be replaced with up to a 6.5”. 6x9 can be replaced with up to an 8”


  • 25 square inches of dash corners may be modified for dash pods or dash openings
  • A-Pillar may house up to a 4” driver(as defined by the cone diameter)
  • Sail panel may house up to a 2" driver
  • Metal cutting allowed
  • Modified 110v processors allowed
  • Seat rail extensions allowed


  • Anything goes, your imagination is the limit as long as the vehicle is safe to operate and can drive into the lanes

King Of The Hill (KOTH)

  • 1 seat, 2 seat and install

2 Seat

  • OEM Through OEM Mod

Advanced 2 Seat

  • Modified & Unlimited

2 seat scoring will be comprised of averaging the tonality from left and right seat, and adding everything else.